An Olive Wood Holy Land Gift Set from Peace River Jordan




  • A Divine Gift from the Holy Land for You and Your Loved Ones.
  • Bring the Peace and Blessings to your Home Today by ordering our Olive Wood Gift Set is presented in a precious, beautifully handmade olive wood box. It contains four small bottles containing two Bottles 20ml of Holy Water, virgin olive oil and incense from the Jordan River site in the Holy Land.
  • 2-3 days total delivery time anywhere in the world.

The Holy Water Four Bottle Set is presented in a beautiful hand carved olive wood box showing the baptism of Jesus Christ on the top of the box. The art of carving olive wood has been practiced for centuries by Christian artisans in the Holy Land. All of our olive wood is grown in the Holy Land where Jesus spent much of his earthly life. It is considered to be the treasure of the Holy Land and represents hope and renewal. The natural brightness of the colors of the wood and the variety of grains make olive wood unique and exquisite. The size of the box is 10cm x 8cm. This product is also presented with a certificate of authenticity. Such a compact beautiful box allows you to carry your Holy Water with you wherever you go. It is a delightful gift for yourself, family and friends.


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